Scrap Metal Collection in Seacombe Helps Your Business

Scrap Metal Collection in Seacombe Accumulating scrap metal on your premises is hazardous for your staff, customers and the environment.

Metal scrap consists of several components that may contain dangerous fluids and substances. Accumulating such waste in heaps can allow the fluids to seep into and pollute the soil, and groundwater or endanger the surrounding organisms. Limiting access to the scrap yard is a great way to limit injuries and exposure to dangerous chemicals. You also risk paying hefty municipal fines or having your license revoked if you neglect the region’s health and safety regulations.

We are a well-established scrap waste management company with a fleet of waste collection vehicles. In Seacombe, a scrap metal collection is on offer. Hence, we collect large amounts of scrap for free and take them to our yard for processing. We collect all types of metal scrap and scrap cars. Instead of letting your parent’s old car rust in your garage, let us take it off your hands. We have a de-pollution centre where we remove dangerous components and substances from scrap machinery before processing. Some fluids such as coolants are recyclable while others are set for safe disposal. As an ethically sound company, we ensure that all our activities and services are environmentally friendly. We promote the recycling culture and encourage everyone to play their part in environmental conservation.

Many people are discovering that scrap collection in Seacombe is profitable if you have a reliable dealer. Trading scrap for money can generate a stable income for you with flexible work hours. The scrap metal industry in the UK is responsible for several formal and informal jobs. We help large and small scrap collectors to bypass the logistical challenges of bringing the scrap to our yard. Instead, our scrap collection team comes to you. Call Murphy Scrap Dealers today if you have scrap metal that needs collection. We can collect the scrap metal at any time of your choosing to minimise disruption of your programme.