Scrap for Money in West Kirby is an Excellent Option for Your Scrap Metal

Scrap for Money in West Kirby We accept scrap for money in West Kirby at Murphy Scrap Dealers. Taking your scrap metal to a scrap metal dealer is an excellent step towards lowering your carbon footprint. However, it is also a great way in which to make a little extra money. As such, we purchase all ferrous scrap metal, and this includes scrap iron and steel. We also buy end-of-life vehicles and we can deal with them in an environmentally friendly manner at our depollution centre. Our family-run business has been established for over 50 years and we strive to provide an outstanding level of service to our customers.

If you have a manufacturing business that produces large amounts of scrap metal, let us know. As such, in West Kirby, scrap for money is what we can offer you. We keep abreast of current metal prices so we can offer the best prices for your scrap metal pieces. Thus, if you have piles of construction scrap, or cast or grey iron, we will be happy to purchase it from you. Furthermore, if the amount of scrap metal is too large to transport yourself, we will gladly collect it from you. Our fast and efficient collection service is free, and we will collect any sized load from your premises. We also offer a regular collection service if you feel this will be necessary in the future.

Selling scrap for money in West Kirby can also be an opportunity to get rid of the old junk vehicle that is taking up space on your property. Find out more about scrap for money when you contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. In addition, you can enquire about our collection service available for the end-of-life vehicle. All old vehicles are taken to our depollution centre. Here they are dismantled and all hazardous materials are removed and disposed of in an environmentally correct manner. The usable parts of the vehicle are also removed and recycled. We will also provide a depollution certificate to verify that your vehicle has been scrapped in a lawful and environmentally sound manner. Choose our experts to assist you and receive money for your scrap metal pieces.