You Can Get the Right Scrap Car Prices in Upton

Scrap Car Prices in UptonWe offer top scrap car prices in Upton no matter how old or damaged it is. We deal with a comprehensive range of services for car scrapping at our Birkenhead centre. We have a state-of-the-art depollution centre here. Our company is in compliance with all the latest regulations in this sector. We are fully licensed with a yard that’s equipped with the right machinery for the job. It comprises crushing equipment and a 2×50 tonne weighbridge. We provide free collection services, and on site skip hire. You can avail of any size of skip to match your unique requirements. With more than five decades’ experience, ours is a family-owned and family-run business. Our team has the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you get the best rates for your vehicle.

Our reputation for integrity, professionalism and attention to detail has been built over the years. In Upton, scrap car prices are aligned to the prevailing market rates. As a local firm, we believe in building strong and enduring relationships with customers. A large proportion of our work comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients. You can get some value from your vehicle, even if it’s at the End of Life stage. You can check current metal prices on the London Metals Exchange. Prices also depend on the condition and grade of the metal. We recommend that you don’t remove any parts from the vehicle. This could lower the scrap value, because each part carries its own worth.

Our team can help you to get the right scrap car prices in Upton. Once we carry out a detailed survey of the vehicle, we can give you a free, no-obligation quote. This is a guaranteed price, and there are no hidden extras or last moment changes. You can claim  a refund of your road tax if you have any left on the vehicle tax from the date you inform the DVLA. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today for assistance. Don’t delay too long in scrapping your damaged or old vehicle. The most valuable parts of the car are also those that deteriorate fast. Speak to us today for assistance.