Rely on the Experience of Professional Scrap Metal Merchants in Wirral

Scrap Metal Merchants in WirralScrap metal merchants in Wirral are available to assist you to recycle your unwanted scrap metal pieces. By recycling your scrap metal, there is less of a burden on the landfills, and helps preserve natural resources. If you have a large amount of scrap metal that you need to dispose of, bring it to us. We’ll purchase it from you at a fair price, and we’ll responsibly recycle it. We accept ferrous metal, steel, and we also accept end of life vehicles. Our expert team is committed to providing the best possible service to all our clients, old and new.

For residents in Wirral, scrap metal merchants are dedicated to providing efficient services to their customers, and even more so at Murphy Scrap Dealers. Whether you are trying to get rid of waste steel and ferrous scrap at home or at your office, we are definitely the people for the job. Our depollution centre in Birkenhead is fitted with state-of-the-art machinery that allows for us to deal with scrap metal efficiently and in accordance with the regulating laws of the area. As such, our team can also help you dispose of that old car that no longer runs. Should you require it, we can collect the scrap metal from your premises at your convenience.

If you need experienced, professional scrap metal merchants in Wirral, remember us. For more details on how we can assist you, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. We accept any scrap metal ranging from construction scrap to heavy machinery. With our 2×50 weighbridge, you can rest assured that no job is too big for our team. If you have any questions regarding scrap metal, its price and disposal of waste, let us know. Our team is always available to assist. Recycling of scrap metal and the proper disposal of waste is not only good for the environment, it can also ensure that you turn your trash into cash. You can rely on the expert services of a professional scrap metal merchant.