You Can Rely on a Professional Scrap Car Dealer in Heswall

Scrap Car Dealer in Heswall Find a trusted scrap car dealer in Heswall if you have a vehicle you no longer want. It is a good idea to have the vehicle scrapped if it is no longer running and you are unlikely to repair it. A professional company can assist. As an established, family-run scrap metal dealer, we also provide an efficient and reliable car scrapping service.  Our depollution centre allows us to deal with end of life vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner.  If you are looking to have your car scrapped, give us a ring. We can collect your old car from your premises. Our team will deal with your end of life vehicle in an environmentally responsible way.

If your vehicle has reached the end of its road, there is little point in keeping it. In Heswall, a scrap car dealer can take it off your hands and recycle it. Once we’ve collected your vehicle and brought it to our yard, we’ll strip it down to its component parts.  Then, all the usable parts are separated into the different types of metal. Before the vehicle is dismantled, the fuel and oil is responsibly disposed of.  Parts such as batteries with harmful metals and chemicals are treated separately and these are also recycled.  Moreover, we’ll provide a certificate of destruction as your evidence that your old vehicle has been correctly and responsibly scrapped. With this certificate, you will be able to claim back any full month of road tax that was left on the car.

A responsible scrap car dealer in Heswall will ensure that your vehicle is ethically and responsibly scrapped. As such, we’ve provided our expert services to all our customers for over 50 years and continue to do so. In fact, many of our current customers are repeat customers or have been referred to us through recommendations. If you are looking for assistance from a professional and reliable scrap car dealer, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today. We also offer a range of other services regarding scrap metal. Our team can collect your scrap metal from your property. In addition, we recycle ferrous scrap metal pieces such as iron and steel.