Scrap Metal Merchants in Frodsham, Perfect Partner in Your Recycling Effort

Scrap Metal Merchants in FrodshamAuthorised scrap metal merchants in Frodsham will pay you for your scrap metal. This is great news for those who thought otherwise. As such, not only are you doing your bit by recycling, but you will earn a little extra money at the same time. Most households accumulate scrap metal. Think about the number of times you have thrown out those aluminium soda cans, or the appliance that is no longer working.  And, what about the collection of bits and pieces that may be useful some day? Well, that day is now.

Bring all your scrap metal to us. In Frodsham, scrap metal merchants will weigh and sort your scrap metal according to its true value. We are glad to accept scrap steel and ferrous metals. If you are unable to bring the scrap metal to us, we can collect it from you. A scrap collection can be arranged as a once off collection, or, a regular collection service can be arranged. Further, we also deal in scrap cars that are no longer working. We have a depollution centre where we deal with end of life vehicles in an environmentally safe manner. Here the vehicle is dismantled, and we recycle any parts that are re-usable. When you have your old vehicle scrapped, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction as evidence that it is lawfully scrapped. As such, you’ll also be able to claim back any full months of road tax which were left of the vehicle.

Use the services of registered scrap metal merchants in Frodsham when you have large quantities of scrap metal you want to get rid of. If your business generates scrap metal pieces, consider hiring a skip from us. There are benefits to using a skip to store and collect your scrap metal until it is ready for collection. For more details on how we can assist you, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today. Let us help you with your scrap metal.