Expert Scrap Car Dealer in Wallasey for Your End of Life Vehicle

Scrap Car Dealer in Wallasey Get in touch with the leading scrap car dealer in Wallasey for end-of-life solutions for your vehicle. At Murphy Scrap Dealers, we buy all kinds ferrous scrap iron and steel. We also operate a scrap car collection service for your convenience. Just give us a call when you want us to pick up your vehicle, and we will transport it to our authorized depollution centre. Here, the car is dismantled, and any parts that can be reused are separated for recycling. Our depollution centre deals effectively with end of life vehicles. It is a fully licensed yard, set up with the latest depollution equipment and crushing facilities. We also have a 2×50 tonne weigh bridge on the premises. With more than half a century’s experience in this sector, we have established a reputation for affordable, top quality services. Additionally, we stay in touch with the latest information, processes and technology to benefit our customers.

If you’ve decided that your old vehicle can only be scrapped at the end of its working life, you may wonder how much you’ll get for it. In Wallasey, scrap car dealers may offer prices that range from £150-350, based on  several factors. Size, weight, age, make and model can all influence the price up or down. The frequent fluctuation of metal prices on the London Metals Exchange also impact the rate. Other important factors are where the vehicle is located, the distance to the scrap dealers, what condition the vehicle is in and whether you need a collection service. Nearly two million cars are scrapped in the UK every year, but there are stringent regulations that govern the procedure. We’re  an Authorised Treatment Facility, with a license issued by the Environment Agency.

You will have to provide the necessary documents to prove ownership of the vehicle when you contact scrap car dealers in Wallasey. The scrap dealer must also provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and inform the DVLA about this. Reputed scrap dealers like us will offer payment only in the form of cheques, or pay directly into your bank account. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers when looking for a professional scrap car dealer. We’ll be pleased to be of assistance.