Leading Scrap Metal Dealer in Wirral at Your Service

Scrap Metal Dealer in Wirral Get the best deals from the leading scrap metal dealer in Wirral at Murphy Scrap Dealers. We have several decades’ experience in dealing with ferrous metal scrap materials. We have a comprehensive scrapping service that includes car scrapping and purchasing of scrap iron and scrap steel. This includes ferrous metals contained in heavy machinery, shearing, light iron, cuttings, swarf borings, car, marine and lorry engines, cast-iron, construction scrap, wrought iron, cylinder cast, grey cast iron and more. Our car scrapping process strictly follows the End of Vehicle regulations mandated by the government. We provide a Certificate of Destruction after removing any parts that can be recycled. We also try to re-use parts that can be refurbished and ensure that all harmful waste is responsibly destroyed.

For clients in Wirral, scrap metal dealer services offered by us include top quality scrap collection as well. No matter what the size of the load, we provide the right sized vehicle to transport it. You can also avail of our skip hire services. We are glad to be of service whether it’s a one-off service or as part of a regular collection schedule. Our highly trained, experienced team can give you more information and advice. Our depollution centre in Birkenhead is the hub for our car scrapping services where we deal with end of life vehicles, of all makes and models. Many people are not aware that selling scrap metal can earn them a tidy sum. There could be plenty of “useless junk” lying in your attic, basement or garage. Our team can help you to value this stuff and turn your trash into cash.

As an experienced scrap metal dealer in Wirral, we are proud of our reputation for industry best practices. It’s important to understand the rules and regulations that govern the sale and purchase of scrap metal. When looking for a professional scrap metal dealer, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. In earlier times, this was a largely unregulated industry and functioned on an ad hoc basis, with no guidelines about pricing, rates, disposal, and sourcing. Today, however, this is a very lucrative business and is strictly monitored by environmentally conscious governments. Get in touch with us for a trustworthy, licensed, ethical, reliable deal.