Scrap Metal Wanted in Hoylake, Ongoing Request to the Public

Scrap Metal Wanted in HoylakeScrap metal wanted in Hoylake is our ongoing request. We pay top money for your old scrap metal, so don’t just leave it lying about. We need it and wouldn’t you rather have the money than the scrap? We only take ferrous scrap which simply means scrap with iron in it. If you can’t tell for sure if it has iron, use a magnet against it. If it sticks, it’s ferrous. Otherwise, just bring in what you have and our sorter will make short work of separating the ferrous from the non ferrous. The world is always under construction so the demand for iron is relatively steady. The fact that we can recycle the old building iron to make new building materials is ideal. It’s more cost-effective and impacts the environment less, conserving both natural resources and energy. 

We have a depollution centre which allows us to be certified to take in end of life automotive vehicles. In Hoylake, scrap metal wanted includes these old junkers. We pay a good price for your old vehicles, running or not and we’ll even pick them up and tow them away for you. If ever there was a way to make a dent in the scrap metal pile, recycling the metals of old cars is it. In the UK, about 1.4 million cars are scrapped each year. Many of them go to junkyards where parts are sold. That’s okay because the good parts are being used and eventually the metal will be recycled. The scrap metal is used and often it’s used for building new cars. The scrapping of junk cars and recycling the metal is essential when you consider the yearly tonnes of old cars that would be lying about.

We have a call out for scrap metal wanted in Hoylake at all times. Small amounts, large clear outs, and end of life cars are all welcome. These are the new cars and building structures of the future. We’re very easy to do business with. If your company regularly generates scrap metal, we are happy to place a skip on your site and arrange for regular collection and payment. Contact us as we provide a consistent service you can count on. We are family owned and have been for over 50 years.