Trust a Scrap Car Dealer in Heswall to Recycle Your Old Vehicle

Scrap Car Dealer in Heswall Imagine, if you will, a world without a scrap car dealer in Heswall or anywhere throughout the UK. About one million cars are scrapped each year in the UK. Without scrap car dealers, how long do you think it would take for the entire population of the Wirral to be living on a mountain of scrap cars? We think, not long. Fortunately, we have been around for about  50 years. We are licensed to scrap that old junker taking up space in your driveway or garage. We’ll even pay you to let us take it off your hands and tow it away. Whether your old car is driveable or not you are responsible for it. You rid yourself of the responsibility when you sell your old car to us. We demolish the car and give you a certificate of destruction which ends your obligation.

You can’t just ditch your old car alongside the road when it breaks down for the last time. In Heswall, a scrap car dealer is licensed to legally take over the responsibility to dispose of your junk car. With that responsibility comes the expectation that we will strip your car of all reusable and recyclable parts for use in new products. We are able to recycle about 75% of your old banger. Approximately 25% of your new car is made from recycled steel. We call that a good start. It’s very significant when you consider that 14 million tons of steel is taken from recycled vehicles. Worldwide, 27 million end of life cars are recycled. When we buy your old car for recycling, we’re both doing our bit.

As a scrap car dealer in Heswall, we don’t just recycle the steel, aluminium and bits of copper from your old car. Almost all batteries and tyres are recyclable. Even oil can sometimes be recycled. The bits that are left, some which might be toxic, are responsibly disposed of in a designated landfill. We are licensed to deal with end of life cars and supply certificates of destruction. Contact us today at Murphy Scrap for a price quote for your end of life car. Say the word and we’ll be there to collect the car if it can’t be driven to our yard. You don’t want to be cluttering up the countryside with old junk cars. Besides, sooner or later, the owners of those abandoned cars will be identified. You’ll do better to stick with us.