Scrap for Money in Heswall, an Excellent Deal with Top Prices

Scrap for money in Heswall Scrap for money in Heswall is the deal we offer to individuals, manufacturers, and old car owners. It’s a good deal too because we pay top prices for all ferrous and non ferrous metals. You don’t have to separate it, we can do that quickly for you when you bring it in. We have state of the art equipment so your pay out will be quick and accurate. If you can’t bring your scrap to us, no worries. We’ll pick it up. We maintain a fleet of scrap haulers you’ll be proud to have on your property. Industry and manufacturing concerns can contract with us for regularly scheduled pick up service. We’ll place a skip or two for you based on your needs. If you’re just planning a big clear out or even a small one, call us. We’ll bring a skip out and when you are finished we’ll collect it.

We want your end of life cars. In Heswall, scrap for money applies to your junk car. We have our own depollution centre and are registered to collect and dismantle junk cars. We pay very well for them just as we do for all the scrap metal we acquire. There isn’t much left over for the landfill when we finish stripping down old cars. What is left is often toxic and must be deposited in an approved landfill. We have that access. We solve the issue of how to dispose of your junk car, provide you with a certificate of destruction and pay you. That sounds like a good deal to us. How else can you legally dispose of a vehicle in an environmentally safe way with assurance you are released from all liability?

Scrap for money in Heswall is the deal we have been honouring for over 50 years; since our initial establishment. We are considered industry leaders in the area with the capability to turn over large quantities of all types of metals. Once we’ve taken it off your hands and paid you a fair market price, we prepare it for recycling. We want your scrap metals which is why we make it as easy as possible for you to sell it to us. We are keeping useful raw materials out of our landfills and reusing it for new products. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers for regular collection or one off. Check our prices first; they’re tied to market demand.