Scrap Metal Merchants in Wallasey Offer a Range of Valuable Services

Scrap Metal Merchants in Wallasey As scrap metal merchants in Wallasey, we have been providing a valuable service to our customers for over 50 years. The quality of service any company provides is key to it’s longevity and success. We are not selling you a product or performing labour for wages. Among our services are the collecting and removing your ferrous scrap metal from any location. We can do it one off or on a regularly scheduled basis. We have, on our site, a depollution centre. Our company meets the qualifications of government standards to scrap cars and other vehicles and bring them to our depollution site. You can bring your end of life car to us or we’ll come and get it. We pay you for your car but we also provide you with a certificate of destruction. That’s your proof that you no longer own or have any responsibility for that vehicle.

For all your scrap metal and junk cars, we pay you the going rate for ferrous metals. In Wallasey, scrap metal merchants pay rate is based on an index that can fluctuate. The index reflects supply and demand in the marketplace. Those prices are published daily or you can just call us and see what the going rate is. Ferrous metals are primarily iron. If you’re not sure if the metal you are looking at contains iron, you can do the magnet test. If the magnet sticks, it’s iron. To be more exact, we have scales with the technology to determine the exact amount of ferrous metal contained in your scrap. That way, you’ll know you’re being paid fairly.

As scrap metal merchants in Wallasey, we provide a service that is dependent on good community relations. This is our family owned and operated business. We are fully invested in our business so customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We appreciate your business. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers for free skip delivery and pick up, for a junk car pick up or just to find out today’s prices. There is always a need for ferrous scrap metals because iron is the building material for our infrastructure worldwide. Your scrap metals help conserve our natural resources.