A Reputable Scrap Car Dealer in Oxton is the Person to Contact for your Old Car

Scrap Car Dealer in Oxton A scrap car dealer in Oxton is the person to contact when you have an old vehicle you need recycled. There is little point in hanging on to an old vehicle. Perhaps you had the thought that you could repair and restore it for your grandson? That was 15 years ago. Your grandson has his own, smarter vehicle and is not interested in your old car. The best solution would be to contact a scrap car dealer to collect it from you and recycle it. Recycling an old car is an important part of doing your bit for the environment. When you give us a ring, we will come and collect your old car from your property.

We will transport it to our premises. In Oxton, a scrap car dealer will pay you for your old vehicle. Your old car is not as worthless as you think. We will take your old car to our authorised depollution centre. Here we will dismantle the car and remove all the parts of it that can be reused. The car scrapping process is easy to do. Any and all harmful waste in your car is removed and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Once we have removed all that can be recycled or re-used, we will issue a certificate of destruction to you. This means that you can be confident in the knowledge that your car is now off the roads, and is no longer your responsibility. A great aspect of this certificate is that you can now claim back any full months of road tax which were left of the vehicle.

A scrap car dealer in Oxton accepts both ferrous and non ferrous metals. This an excellent way of removing any scrap metal – including your old car – from your property. If you are looking for a reliable and reputable scrap car dealer, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today. Not only will you have more room on your property without the old car taking up much needed space, you will also receive a little bit of extra cash for the scrap metal taken from your old car.