Scrap for Money in Heswall, a Sustainable Cycle That Keeps on Giving

Scrap for Money in HeswallScrap  for money in Heswall. That’s our message to everyone from Murphy Scrap Dealers. We pay the best possible price for any steel and iron scrap metal you bring to us. Or, if you have ongoing scrap leftovers at your place of business, we’ll gladly come and pick it up. Maybe you just need a one-time clean out.  We’ll bring you a skip and collect it when it’s full. And, we pay you for the privilege. We buy your junk car from you and disassemble it at our facility depollution centre. Almost everything on the car is recyclable but there are small amounts of toxic waste that must be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. We use a designated landfill to safely dispose of the toxic materials. We will pay you well for your junk car and we’ll issue a certificate of disposal to you.

Over the last fifty years since Murphy Scrap Metals was first established, we have built our reputation with old-fashioned family values. In Heswall, scrap for money is always a fair exchange. We offer customer service that can’t be beaten, which is why we’ve stayed in business for fifty years with no end in sight. Satisfied customers refer us to their friends, neighbours and associates and then they tell someone. It’s a fairly simple concept; just treat people right. Metal prices fluctuate depending on demand. We keep our prices as stable as possible since we deal in steel and iron containing metals. These metals can be recycled over and over again.

Scrap for money in Heswall begins the recycling of the metals needed to build and rebuild the infrastructure of our cities, along with the buildings and bridges. Our cars, machines and tools are made from these metals. Therefore, there’s a steady demand on the world market for recycled steel and iron. The scrap price does not usually fluctuate as widely as precious metals. Scrap for money benefits everybody because everyone along the line gets paid when you bring your scrap for recycling, starting with you. The scrap you bring to us today may be used for the tools or car you buy in the future. So, contact us and bring your scrap for money. It’s definitely a sustainable cycle that keeps on giving.