Scrap Metal Merchants in Oxton

Scrap Metal Merchants in OxtonGet in touch with the right scrap metal merchants in Oxton if you want to be part of the global multi-billion scrap metal industry. The scrap metal industry is booming and several key players are reaping the benefits. If you own scrap metal, the benefits can trickle down to you. All you have to do is get rid of the heap of scrap metal taking up space on your business premises. In the scrap metal industry, one person’s trash is truly another person’s treasure the only difference is you get compensated for your trash. At Murphy Scrap Dealers, we buy all ferrous scrap metal including scrap steel and scrap iron. We are a family run business with over half a century worth of experience in scrap metal.

For manufacturing companies in Oxton, scrap metal merchants are a resourceful contact. Manufacturing companies produce all sorts of scrap metal. From old machinery to broken down parts and metal products, the heap of scrap in some manufacturing plants can stretch for yards. Rather than leave useless scrap metal to take up useful space in your premises, you can call us to collect it. We are renowned scrap dealers with an unmatched reputation in offering world-class services. We offer free scrap metal collection services. Collection is tailored to be convenient to the client and our team is timely on every pick-up. If you need a more permanent solution due to a high scrap metal output, we offer routine collection services that can be personalised to meet your needs.

Murphy Scrap Dealers is among the top scrap metal merchants in Oxton. We run a fully equipped depollution centre that deals with end of life vehicles. Our fully licensed yard has a lot to offer including on-site skip service, crushing facilities and high capacity weighbridges. We also offer some of the best deal on scrap metal. Our prices are unparalleled and our collection and weighing procedures are accurate. A friendly staff, friendly prices and quality services make us stand out as a leading name. Contact us today for scrap collection services. More than just building a reputation, we are committed to building lasting relationships with new clients while maintaining the existing ones.