Scrap Metal Merchants in New Brighton

Scrap Metal Merchants in New BrightonScrap metal merchants in New Brighton that offer the best deal is Murphy Scrap Dealers. We’ve been doing that for over fifty years so we’ve pretty much passed all the tests for honesty, dependability, customer service and fair prices. The thing is, we clearly understand that we have to pass those tests every day to maintain our reputation and our integrity. Our long-time customers would be the first to know if we deviate from our standards and new customers might go elsewhere. So we work every day to maintain the standards expected of us. We want your ferrous scrap, which is metals containing iron. If it rusts, it’s ferrous. We also want your end of life cars. About 55% of your junk car is steel. That’s a lot of heavy metal returned to the economy for the manufacture of new products.                 

We pay a good price for end of life vehicles and the parts that can’t be recycled go to our depollution centre for environmentally safe disposal. In New Brighton, scrap metal merchants. We’re one phone call away. Call us and tell us about your junk car and we’ll arrange to haul it away for you. You will like the price we pay. That’s much better than having to pay someone to haul it away and dispose of it. We also accept scrap metal from private individuals, demolition contractors and industries that have waste scrap left over. We have skips of all sizes that we’ll gladly deliver to your site for regular pick or a one off.

We are scrap metal merchants in New Brighton and we are proud of how much raw material we are able to put back into our economy. Our business is a win for everybody. Steel and iron is plentiful in existing structures so a lot is available for recycling. Metals can be recycled repeatedly so it’s not surprising that about 40% of steel production worldwide is made from recycled steel. All of this is good for the environment, lowers production costs, preserves natural resources and creates jobs. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers and we’ll gladly retrieve your scrap metal. You are first in line to make money from recycling your particular stash of existing scrap metal.