Scrap for Money in Hoylake

Scrap for Money in HoylakeAny and all types of metal scrap for money in Hoylake are purchased by us for recycling purposes. Our scrap metal yard is always on the lookout for new suppliers of waste and off cut metal materials.  Scrap metal yards may be viewed as unsightly but they are processing the waste and scrap that we would otherwise throw into the landfill sites that are already overburdened. Metal waste takes a long time to disintegrate and toxic chemicals can leach into the surrounding area. We take care that all harmful waste is correctly dealt with by sending it to companies that either reuse it or destroy it in a responsible fashion. We are always pleased to find a new source of ferrous metals as it allows us to recycle as much as possible.  There is no reason to throw away money by discarding metal.

When you need to get rid of waste metal in Hoylake, scrap for money is wanted in any amount. We will take all your offcuts and old metal items. We are committed to providing the best service to all of our customers.  Some use us every few months when they have collected enough scrap and some will only use us when they have a car that needs scrapping.  This may be only once a decade.  However often you use us you will be assured of the best price for your scrap.  Scrap cars are some of the worst ferrous metal polluters as they are filled with hazardous fluids.

All types of metal scrap for money in Hoylake are needed to help keep the environment clean and uncontaminated.  Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today and arrange a scrap metal container.  We can offer small bins and large skips or one of our trucks will collect old cars to dismantle them and drain the poisonous fluids from them.  Once all the pollutants have been removed the vehicle can be crushed and sent for smelting.  The resultant metal is combined with unused metal to remake our cars and most new vehicles have about 25 % reclaimed metal in them.  Iron and steel scrap is paid by weight and our weighbridge will accurately weigh your scrap metal.