Scrap Prices in Leasowe

Scrap Prices in LeasoweIf you want the best scrap prices in Leasowe, Murphy Scrap Dealers is where you’ll find them. During our fifty years in business, we’ve been privileged to participate in an industry the whole world depends on. To some extent or another, most people from all walks of life contribute to the metal recycling industry by selling their scrap metal and end of life cars to a scrap dealer. On the other end, many products they use every day contain recycled steel scrap. There was a short period of time when environmentalist put a date in the near future when the world would deplete its iron ore. They didn’t figure on the impact scrap metal recycling would have on the whole world.

From earliest times, people worldwide have turned to recycled scrap metal in times of war, economic hardship and building booms. In Leasowe, scrap prices reflect current economic conditions. You can check our prices at any time. The price we pay is based on the demand. The UK is among the top 5 largest exporters of scrap iron along with the U.S. Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. Big importers are China as their building boom continues and Turkey because they supply raw materials for the automotive, railway and machine industries. In one way or another, there is money to be made by everyone who participates in scrap metal recycling.

We offer fair scrap prices in Leasowe to all who bring their scrap to us and those from whom we collect. From the general public, many of our customers are those looking to scrap their junk cars. Our depollution centre allows us to accept your junk car, pay you a good price for it and grant you a certificate of destruction. You make money, most all parts of the car are recycled, and your responsibility for the car is legally severed. We’ll probably give you more cash in hand for your running junker than the dealer will on a trade in. What they give you is on paper and then they scrap the car themselves. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers for scrap prices. We show appreciation for our customers by paying fair prices. There’s no other way to stay in business for fifty years.