Scrap Metal Yards in Wirral

Scrap Metal Yards in WirralFind the nearest scrap metal yards in Wirral to leave your unwanted scrap and other ferrous products. There’s a number of reasons to leave all your ferrous products at a scrap yard; first of all, you can be paid quite a tidy sum if you have a large amount of metal to dispose of, and secondly, it’s highly recommended to recycle metals to reduce depleting the earth of its natural resources. As such, whether it’s a factory closing down or a vehicle that has gone past its lifetime, get in touch with our staff members at Murphy Scrap Dealers.

We are a scrap company that has been established for a number of years, we have an authorised depollution centre and can also collect any heavy materials. In Wirral, scrap metal yards are quite useful if you have old refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and other large household items that are no longer working or worth repairing. Instead of throwing them away in dumpsters, you can make some cash off them by contacting the scrap yard. Most of scrap yard dealers will buy anything that you have, iron, zinc, copper and many different types of metals. Furthermore, if you have a business that produces metal by-products, talk to our staff members for regular pick-ups. Alternatively, we do have skips in different sizes that you can fill up and inform us when they are ready for collection. Please note that all collections are free of charge. We are committed to providing the best service to all of our customers, as well as offering the best rates possible. So, if you have an old car sitting in the yard, don’t let it go to rust and give us a call today.

Get the best from scrap metal yards in Wirral. At Murphy Scrap Dealers, we guarantee a quick and efficient service from the moment you give us a call until we have picked up any ferrous or non-ferrous scrap that you have. For more information about our services, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. With us, you can do your bit for the environment, and make a little cash at the same time.