Scrap Metal Prices in Wirral

Scrap Metal Prices in WirralScrap metal prices in Wirral fluctuate with the demand for metals. At Murphy Scrap Dealers we know people who recycle their scrap metal as a source of additional income will follow the prices carefully.  They want to sell at the the highest price possible. Manufactures who accumulate metal scrap in our skips might do the same if it’s convenient. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for the best price; we do the same thing. That’s how our business operates. When the demand is high we receive higher prices for our scrap metal. Therefore, we pay higher prices to our customers. It’s just good business sense. You can always check with us to see what our prices are for the day or follow the trend online. We’ll always pay you the top price possible.

At Murphy Scrap, you are a valued customer and we want your scrap metal. That’s why in Wirral, scrap metal prices from us are fair. We don’t treat you like we’re doing you favour by taking the metal scrap off your hands. We know some scrap yards use that psychological trick to short you on the price paid. We’ve been in business for fifty years which is proof fair dealings are a key to success in our business. Keep in mind we only deal in ferrous scrap metal; non-ferrous metals will not be accepted. Ferrous metals contain iron and non-ferrous do not. If its rusty and a magnet sticks to it, it’s probably a ferrous metal. Ferrous metals are strong and durable. It’s used to build bridges, buildings, railroad tracks, car parts and much more.

Scrap metal prices in Wirral reflect the demand for durable metals in manufacturing. As we have become more conscientious about our planet’s natural resources, more people are joining the effort to recycle materials including ferrous metals. Did you know it’s often cheaper to manufacture goods from recycled iron containing metals than newly mined iron ore? That helps keep the price of consumer goods down. So contact us and check our prices and if you have a junk car you want to sell us, we’ll come and get it. As an authorised recycler of end of life cars, we recycle the acceptable parts and dispose of the rest in an environmentally friendly manner.