Scrap Metal Yards in Bebington

Scrap Metal Yards in BebingtonAmong local scrap metal yards in Bebington, Murphy Scrap Dealers leads the way in ferrous metal. Individuals collect ferrous scrap regularly for recycling and for others, ferrous metal scraps result as a byproduct of their business. Murphy Scrap will offer you an on-site skip for disposal of scrap iron and steel from you own manufacturing or industrial  business. We’ll pick it up when ready and pay you a good price. The benefit is prices for ferrous scrap do not fluctuate widely from day to day as some non ferrous scrap prices do. So, how do you know if the scrap you have is ferrous? Put a magnet on it and if it sticks, it’s ferrous; if it doesn’t, it’s non ferrous. That’s because ferrous scrap contains iron. We accept iron and steel which includes end-of-life cars, building structure supports, machinery and more. Iron products are found where strength is needed like railroad tracks and construction cranes or parts of them.

Others will take your bags of aluminium cans, copper wiring and precious metals but at Murphy Scrap, we pass on those. In Bebington, scrap metal yards quote prices for those non ferrous metals based on supply and demand that changes so frequently you have to call ahead to make sure today’s price is the same as yesterday. Recycled wrought iron, cast iron, stainless, mild and carbon steel are strong enough to hold up the world’s skyscrapers and build powerful motors. Demand for iron and steel is steady. The world needs recycled ferrous scrap because manufacturers use less power and water to manufacture goods from recycled iron and steel. New products from recycled metals are available at lower cost. Replacement parts for vehicles, motors, machines and more are also made from recycled steel. Consumers get quality parts for less.

Not all scrap metal yards in Bebington may take your junk vehicles. Murphy Scrap has a certified depollution centre, so we are allowed to strip down the cars for recyclable metals. What cannot be recycled from a vehicle is little but it’s often toxic. We dispose of these toxic wastes in an environmentally approved manner according to government standard. Contact Murphy Scrap for a scrap metal yard that will pay you money to tow your car.  We can also provide proof you have disposed of the vehicle appropriately and are not longer liable for the car.  It is said approximately 14 million tons of recycled steel a year is from junk cars alone and each new car body is about 25% recycled steel. Somebody’s saving money on new cars.