Scrap Metal Yards in Leasowe

Scrap Metal Yards in LeasoweIf you are looking for scrap metal yards in Leasowe, Murphy Scrap Dealers is the place to visit. We are the real deal because we take ferrous scrap metal like engines, cast iron and construction scrap. We include scrap steel.  If you have junk cars, we’ll buy them and even pick them up for you. Regularly scheduled collection of scrap metal is one of our services but we will also do a one off collection if you have accumulated scrap metal that needs clearing out. We are equipped to handle any size load. We pay good prices. We think honesty and fairness pays off in any business. It has worked well for us the last fifty years. It is a great honour to us to meet new customers that have been referred by old customers. We value their trust.

We have skip for hire in any size you need. In Leasowe, scrap metal yards with skip hire delivery and collection serves a wide area. Our depollution lot is in Birkenhead. Call us and tell us your location. We will make it work if possible for scrap metal and for scrap cars. Our facility is equipped with depollution equipment so we are licensed to dispose of the cars. We have to remove all toxic material from the car and dispose of it according to British Standards. We have a 2 X 50 tonne weighbridge and an impressive crusher at our scrap yard.

Murphy Scrap Dealers is the scrap metal yards in Leasowe that is family owned and operated. We practice family values. We know what that means and if you don’t we will give you our version. For us, it means we treat our customers with the same respect and consideration with which we treat our own family. Our customers are critical to our success so we want to keep them happy. If you have questions about our services or you are seeking a service you don’t see listed here, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. Tell us what you need. If we can make it happen, we will. Be part of greening our world by recycling your scrap metal. There is a market for it and new products to be manufactured. Let none of it slip into a landfill.