Scrap Metal Wanted in Heswall

Scrap Metal Wanted in HeswallWe at Murphy Scrap Dealers would like to clarify that scrap metal is wanted in Heswall at our scrap yard in Birkenhead. We know some scrap dealers act like they’re doing you a favor by taking your ferrous scrap iron and steel off your hands for a pitiful price. Here at Murphy’s it is no secret that we want every piece of scrap metal you can scrounge up and we gladly pay fair prices for your efforts. We are recyclers and proud of it. We make our money by buying scrap from others, sorting it out and reselling it to manufacturer wholesalers. What we do is hard but important work. We provide jobs, keep toxic products out of landfills and supply economical raw materials to manufacturing companies who also provide jobs and useful products.

Getting rid of old cars can be challenging. In Heswall, scrap metal wanted from old cars and trucks is what we are asking for at Murphy Scrap. You can spend money advertising your old car as a beater with a heater or as a great parts car. Keep that up and you will spend more in advertising than the car is worth. Your car has little to no value to the public. Really; what is someone going to do with it? If it was free, they wouldn’t want it. It’s a different story at Murphy Scrap Dealer. We want that scrap car. We know what to do with it and we will gladly pay you for it. You don’t have to do anything. We’ll come and tow it away for you. Doesn’t that beat paying someone else to take it off your hands?

At Murphy Scrap Metal we are putting out the call that scrap metal wanted in Heswall. If you need a skip at your place of business, we will get one right out to you. When it’s full, we’ll be there to pick it up and drop an empty for you. There is no charge for the service and we pay you for the scrap. Where else can you get a deal like that? Contact Murphy Scrap Metal when you have scrap metal to sell. We’ve been doing this for 50 years so we know our way around the industry. However, we attribute our longevity in the business to our loyal customers and we like to treat them right.