Scrap Metal Merchants in Birkenhead

Scrap Metal Merchants in BirkenheadMurphy Scrap Dealers have been scrap metal merchants in Birkenhead for over 50 years. We started our business during the environmental consciousness raising period of the late 1960’s and 1970’s. From there, we have been fortunate to take part in a growing industry that contributes to the economy. We accomplish that through jobs, the purchase of scrap metals from individuals and companies and the sale to manufacturers so they make new products for less from recycled metals. We contribute to the health of our environment by keeping tonnes of metal out of landfills every year. Metals have been recycled since the beginning of time because it’s more efficient to recycle them than mine them.

It has been reported that only about one-third of most metals have a 50% or better recovery rate. Therefore, in Birkenhead, scrap metal merchants at Murphy Scrap Dealers want your steel scrap and ferrous metal scrap. We will buy it from you at a good price. We will supply, deliver and pick up skips for scrap metal from factories, auto shops and industrial sites and still pay you the fair rate. Individuals, you should know scrap metals can be found lying about everywhere. If you keep your eyes open and ask permission before taking, you can save a good amount that will earn you money. Some people have turned it into a side business with a little effort. Remember, all those household appliances and electronics have metals inside. You can set your box of scrap on the pavement and someone else will bring it to us and get the money or you could bring it directly to us yourself and keep your money.

As scrap metal merchants in Birkenhead, we at Murphy Scrap Dealers have a depolution centre. That makes it legal for us to handle end-of-life vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. We strip away everything that is recyclable, which is most of the vehicle. The little that is left would be toxic dumped in a landfill so we safely dispose of it according to British standards. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers and we will tow your junk car and leave you with some money for the privilege. Arrange a pick up of volume scrap containers from your site on a regular schedule, just once for a clean out, or as you need our services.