Scrap Metal Wanted in Moreton

Scrap Metal Wanted in MoretonEven though scrap metal prices depend on a number of factors, scrap metal wanted in Moreton means that you can still get a good price. After the global economic crisis in 2008, metal prices have been stable. Scrap metal is made up of recyclable materials so it can be old building supplies or parts from old vehicles for instance. This scrap metal has monetary value, and at Murphy Scrap Dealers, we deal with end-of-life vehicles. We’re based in Birkenhead with our licensed yard and depolution centre, and we offer valuable services related to ferrous scrap metal. We can strip your old car and remove all toxic waste in an environmentally friendly manner, after which you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. We offer a free collection service, and with our 50 years of experience in this business, we continue to provide a professional and efficient service. We play an important role in scrap metal recycling, as once it reaches us, we process it so that it can be used for something useful once again.

We purchase all types of ferrous scrap metal, both iron and steel, and these can include car engines, construction scrap, cast iron, grey iron cast, swarf borings, and heavy machinery. In Moreton, scrap metal wanted by us means we collect it. We can provide a delivery service once-off or we can make arrangements to offer a regular service. We can also provide for skip hire and we have different skip sizes. This is a practical solution if your business produces large amounts of scrap metal. There is no need to have scrap metal lying around when you can use our skip hire services.

Scrap metal wanted in Moreton by us can fetch a good price. The way we conduct business and the fair prices we offer our customers for their ferrous metal has made us to be one of the biggest and longest serving scrap metal yards in the area. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today. Your scrap is our treasure. We’ll take your useless scrap and can put something of worth in your wallet in exchange for it.