Scrap Car Dealer in Leasowe

Scrap Car Dealer in LeasoweA professional and authorised scrap car dealer in Leasowe is necessary for safe, pollution free disposal of end of life vehicles. When we buy a scrap car there is a lot of work that goes into making it safe to recycle. At our de-pollution centre we first have to get rid of all the pollutants that could cause harm or are classed as hazardous chemicals or liquids.  Anti freeze in the radiator needs to be drained as this is extremely poisonous and has caused the death of people and animals. The old oil in the engine needs to be removed and sent to a company that specialises in recycling or destroying oil. The brake fluid also needs to be removed.  Batteries need to be sent to be properly scrapped. Once the hazardous materials are removed we can then get rid of the glass and plastic components of the vehicle.

When your car is no longer in working order and cannot be fixed in Leasowe, a scrap car dealer should remove and recycle it. We offer a free collection service for any vehicle that can no longer be driven. We issue a certificate of destruction for all scrapped vehicles so that you are no longer held liable for the vehicle.  We have crushing facilities which will turn the shell of the car into a compact if heavy block of metal.  This is then sent to be smelted and reused.

The services of a scrap car dealer in Leasowe are environmentally friendly.  Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today and have you old car responsibly scrapped.  We have over 50 years of experience in the scrap metal business and are a family run company with strong family values. We mainly deal with ferrous metals and steel scrap.  Ferrous metals being iron and iron compounds like steel and stainless steel. The word ferrous comes from the Latin ferrum which gives iron its chemical element symbol of FE. These are ideal metals to recycle as they can be smelted down and reused over and over again.