Scrap Metal Wanted in Frodsham

Scrap Scrap Metal Wanted in FrodshamThere is scrap metal wanted in Frodsham by Murphy Scrap Dealers. We can’t get enough of it. Fifty years ago we began Murphy Scrap Dealers and we are still saying scrap metal wanted in Frodsham and the whole Birkenhead area. If your business generates scrap metal, we can put a skip on site for you to toss it into so it’s out of your way. When the skip is full just call us and we’ll come pick it up. It works well for everybody because you do not have to pay to get the scrap metal hauled away but instead benefit from receiving money for the scrap. We benefit because we recycle ferrous metals and we have buyers waiting to pay us. The buyers sell to manufacturers of new products who can make them cheaper by using recycled metals. We all benefit from new metal products for less and the landfills aren’t heaped with old junk metal.

Even after fifty years we think Murphy Scrap Dealers is a great business. For our neighbours in Frodsham, scrap metal wanted also means that box you have in your garage. The one that you have been throwing old rusted tools and broken car parts into for the last year. Small boxes or large, we want it all. At Murphy Scrap Dealers we have a depollution centre where we are government certified to receive end of life cars. We have to have the depollution centre because there is material in a car these days that would prove toxic if we just threw it in a landfill. All of that has to be stripped out and everything possible is recycled. The toxic leftovers are disposed of according to environmental standards.

Scrap metal wanted in Frodsham means we at Murphy Scrap Dealers are taking care of business. It’s how we make our living but we’re proud that the services we offer are beneficial to our environment. So whether you have a little or a lot of scrap metal in a box at home, a skip at your business or a junk car on the street, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. We want to put that scrap back into production again. If you have an old school bus or train engine, we might want that too.