Non Ferrous Metals in Meols

Non Ferrous Metals in MeolsDo you have a large amount of non ferrous metals in Meols? If you do, then we will be happy to get it off your hands in exchange for some cash. Having been in the recycling arena for years, our main aim is collecting unused or broken down ferrous and non ferrous machines and products to recycle. The earth is getting depleted of its natural resources and the best way we can slow down this process is finding alternatives to mining new ores. Therefore, recycling is one option to reduce the need for mining and if everyone shares in this responsibility, then we might just save the world’s natural resources.

Metals are used in everyday items, whether you realise it or not. In whatever type of property you own in Meols, non ferrous metals are likely to be present. Most buildings will have copper which is a highly conductive metal. It is extensively used for wiring, tubing and even pipework because it conducts heat and electricity. Another item that is extensively used in buildings is lead, which can be found in roofs, batteries and in pipes. Aluminium, which is another non ferrous metal, can be found in aircrafts but it is also present in the house in the form of window frames and sometimes as kitchen ware. If you planning on demolishing an old property, do contact us at Murphy Scrap Dealers so that we can collect your non ferrous metals in exchange for some cash. There is no reason why you shouldn’t make some money out of the scrap metal that is piling up in your yard or even in your factory if you own one.

There are plenty of non ferrous metals in Meols if you take the time to find them. As a company that collects scraps, we would love to help clean out your yard or your closed-down property. For more details about how we can help you, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. Please note that we also collect and scrap vehicles, machinery, and other types of ferrous and non ferrous items.