Ferrous Metals in Oxton

Ferrous Metals in OxtonIf you have a large amount of ferrous metals in Oxton you could make some cash by contacting a scrap metal merchant. Ferrous metals and alloys contain iron. This includes metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and wrought iron. Carbon steel is widely used in the construction industry. It can be found in the tallest skyscrapers and longest bridges. Ferrous metals are also used in industrial piping, shipping containers, vehicles, railroad tracks, and quite a number of commercial and domestic tools. Most of the tools and hardware you use around the house, and the knives you cook with at home, are made from ferrous metal. Most ferrous metals and alloys are vulnerable to rust when they are exposed to the elements. Except for wrought iron, which is iron so pure that it resists oxidization, and stainless steel, which is protected by its high chromium content, it’s a good rule of thumb that if you see rust, it’s a ferrous metal.

Scrap metal lying around is unsightly and potentially harmful. In Oxton, ferrous metal can be recycled at a scrap metal dealer. Murphy Scrap Dealers is a registered and well-known scrap metal merchant. They will purchase all ferrous scrap metal, including scrap iron and scrap steel. They will also purchase end of life vehicles, and deal with them at their depollution centre in an environmentally responsible way.

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