Scrap Car Dealer in Heswall

Scrap Car Dealer in HeswallA scrap car dealer in Heswall is important to you. When your car is no longer in good running order you will need to scrap it. You do not want your garden or your neighbourhood full of broken down vehicles. A scrap car dealer will happily remove the vehicle for you. They will either drive it away if it still runs or will bring a truck to tow or load it. You will be paid for the usable scrap metal. This is done by weight. Your car is scrapped and you receive a certificate of destruction that certifies that the car is no longer yours. Without the certificate you will remain liable for road tax. Once you receive the scrapping certificate, you will be able to claim any outstanding road tax. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are reducing your carbon footprint and being paid for doing your part.

When your vehicle has reached the end of its life in Heswall, scrap car dealers can take it off your hands and recycle it. When the vehicle reaches the scrap yard it is stripped down to its component parts. All the usable parts are separated into the various types of metal and these are crushed into blocks and sent to the steel mills for recycling. Even the shell of the car is crushed and recycled. The recycled material is often made into new vehicles. This can be done a number of times. The fuel and oil is responsibly disposed of before the vehicles are dismantled. Other parts like batteries which have harmful metals and chemicals are treated separately and recycled as well.

A scrap car dealer in Heswall will carefully and responsibly recycle any old vehicles. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers today if you are looking for a scrap car dealer to have any old scrap metal collected. We are trusted and certified to reliably recycle obsolete vehicles. Do yourself a favour and responsibly dispose of any unneeded metal properly. It has the potential to pollute large areas if dumped. Make some money and do your part.