Scrap Metal Merchants in Oxton

Scrap Metal Merchants in OxtonAt the right scrap metal merchants in Oxton, your old and discarded metal can fetch you some handy money.The British metal recycling sector is today a multi-billion pound industry and is regulated by associations like the British Metals Recycling Association that supply eco-friendly raw material to the metal manufacturing industry. Scrap metals include ferrous and non-ferrous metals like aluminium, steel, copper, besides iron. Well-established and reliable scrap merchants like Murphy Scrap Dealers can take your steel and ferrous metal scrap, and also process end-of-life vehicles using environmentally friendly best practices.

Speak to Murphy Scrap Dealers who will accept a large variety of scrap metal. In Oxton, scrap metal merchants purchase anything from aluminium foil, clothes-hangers to old trucks and sheet-metal roofs. We also collect heavy and light machinery, shearing, cuttings, borings, vehicle engines, construction scrap, cast-iron, wrought-iron, cylinder cast, and grey iron. These metals come in a variety of grades and we can provide a good payment based on these. Since we deal with customers, dealers and those who require scrap metal on a daily basis, we are able to ensure that the scrap is reused and recycled, instead of being left to rust and pollute the environment.

People may feel intimidated or reluctant to go down to a metal scrapyard, but our scrap metal merchants in Oxton offer convenient collection services that will pick up your scrap at your doorstep, and we can ¬†offer skip hire services to self-haul your scrap. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers to find out more about scrap metal merchants. When selling your metal, ensure that you know what you’re selling so that you get the right price. Copper is the most valuable, while aluminium is the most easily-found scrap. Brass fetches a nominal price while steel could be valued quite low unless you have a large quantity. Get rid of your old and discarded scrap metal, and speak to the scrap metal merchants that will give you a good price. Murphy Scrap Dealers are the go-to scrap metal merchants you can rely on.