Ferrous Metals in Frodsham

Ferrous Metals in FrodshamIf you have large piles of ferrous metals in Frodsham that you do not need anymore, you are more than welcome to sell them for recycling. At Murphy Scrap Dealers, we accept vehicles, machine equipment, and other ferrous items. If you are about to throw out any kind of appliances from the house or business property, give us a call and we will send a team to collect the item in exchange for some cash. Metals, in various forms, are present in most everyday items and instead of sending these to the landfill where they will only take up more space and rust in the sun, a good alternative is giving them new life.

We strive to give old metals new uses. In Frodsham, ferrous metals are recycled. We know that a lot of people mindlessly throw away their refrigerators and other home electronics that might contain various metals. The extraction of these metals may prove to be hazardous and is always best left to the experts. We have all the necessary equipment to pick up, collect, and dismantle large pieces of equipment. If you own a business where you have a lot of unusable heavy machinery or other electrical appliances that are beyond repair, do not throw them away. Instead, give us a call and we can give you a quote that you will find attractive. If you have bigger types of ferrous equipment, do not worry, we have the necessary equipment to collect it. All you have to do is give us a call and we can collect it a time that suits you.

We accept all types of ferrous metals in Frodsham including engines, old cars, construction scrap, and shearings. If you would like to sell your pile of ferrous metals, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers. Our depollution centre allows us to effectively deal with cars and dispose of any toxic waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to providing excellent services to our clients and would be more than pleased to help them clear their yards of any unwanted scrap.