Scrap Prices in Eastham

scrap prices in EasthamYou could be surprised by scrap prices in Eastham. The things you consider junk to be thrown out could be worth money. If you have replaced any plumbing in your home recently, you probably have some old pipes lying around. They may even be an eyesore, littering your garden. If they are metal, they could be worth money. The same is true with old appliances. They can be sold as bulk scrap, and you could also remove the copper wiring from the motor to be sold separately. Old doorknobs and door handles are another item regularly thrown out with the rubbish. Old taps are found in skips. All of these items could be metal that could be sold to a scrap yard. The obvious one too is your old car. It may be sitting in your driveway, or in your garden, or out on the street. It has reached its end of life and could be turned into cash in your pocket.

In Eastham, scrap prices paid by Murphy Scrap Metals mean it is worth taking the time to sell your scrap. They have a collection service and will collect any size load. With Murphy Scrap Metals you can arrange a once off collection or a regular service. They also provide any size skip for hire, if that is your requirement. If you want to scrap your vehicle you can arrange a time that is convenient to you. Murphy Scrap Metals will collect your car and take it to their depollution centre. Here the car is dismantled in an environmentally friendly manner. Any hazardous substances are removed and disposed of in a responsible way. Once destruction is complete, Murphy Scrap Metals will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction and you can claim back any full month’s road tax remaining. You could have this extra cash in your pocket!

Murphy Scrap Metals provide excellent scrap prices in Eastham. Don’t just throw your old and used metal away. You could turn it into money. It doesn’t matter how much you have; Murphy Scrap Metals can collect it. For more information about scrap prices, contact Murphy Scrap Metals today.