Non Ferrous Metals in Chester

Non Ferrous Metals in ChesterNon ferrous metals in Chester are never left unaccounted for because scrap metal like this is taken to a scrapyard where it is processed and made into other products. A wrecking yard will sell bulk non-ferrous metals by weight and often at ridiculously low prices. Murphy Scrap Metals is a scrap metal dealer in Birkenhead offering a car scrapping service that has been in existence for half a century. They offer a free collection service for end of life vehicles. They are particularly looking for vehicles for recycling and they have a fully licensed yard with depollution equipment.

In Chester, non ferrous metals are taken in by Murpy Scrap Metals to their crushing facilities. Murphy Scrap Metals also has an on-site skip service available and these skips are available in a range of sizes for hire. They take non-ferrous metals and their depollution centre will also efficiently deal with end of life vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner. Murphy’s have also built up a solid reputation for delivering excellent services.

Non ferrous metals in Chester are in demand and Murphy Scrap Metals pay good prices for your scrap non ferrous metals. These can be stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, lead, nickel and others. Murphys have a wide range of scrap metals storage solutions to assist their customers with scrap iron, salvaging and recycling solutions. Their expertise, as well as their dedicated specialist facilities allow Murphy Scrap Metals to effectively process both ferrous- and non-ferrous metals efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.  Murphy Scrap Metals is happy to receive aluminum, copper, zinc and tin items for recycling. If you would like to find out more about non ferrous metals, contact Murphy Scrap Metals.