Non Ferrous Metals in Wallasey

Non Ferrous Metals in WallaseyLooking for a provider who offers good money for non ferrous metals in Wallasey? Scrap metals are of two types – ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Iron is not present in non-ferrous metals, which are sourced from end-of-life products like old stoves, fridges and cars, with cars being the most popular source. Scrap metal has some monetary value, although rates vary from dealer to dealer. Murphy Scrap Metals offers you the best price for non-ferrous metal scraps. Their fully-licensed depollution-centre is fully-equipped.

In Wallasey, non-ferrous metals sourced from your end-of-life products can help you earn some cash. Known for offering good prices and dealing with end-of-life cars and vehicles in an effective and an environmentally friendly manner, Murphy Scrap Dealers have been in the business for last 50 years and know what it takes to deliver outstanding service to customers.

Other than receiving cash for non ferrous metals in Wallasey, there are advantages for opting to use Murphy Scrap Dealers. You will have peace of mind knowing that the non-ferrous metals sourced from your end-of-life vehicle will not pollute the environment. Murphy Scrap Dealers provide you with a certificate of destruction, which you can then submit to claim any extra road tax paid on your destroyed vehicle. They also offer a free collection service. You don’t have to worry if you have no time to deliver the vehicle to their fully licensed yard. All you need to do is contact them and one of their vehicle collection experts will come to your premises to collect the vehicle at no extra cost to you. A big part of their business comes from recommendations from their existing clientele, proof of their strong expertise and commitment to delivering outstanding customer service. Contact Murphy Scrap Dealers to find out more about their services regarding non ferrous metals.