Scrap Metal Yards in Ellesmere Port

Scrap Metal Yards in Ellesmere Port If you are looking for scrap metal yards in Ellesmere Port, be sure to choose one that is kind to the environment. Scrap can quickly and easily pile up causing a problem with space. It can also cause a number of problems due to the type of chemicals and materials that are typically found amongst waste scrap metal. Getting rid of it has to be done in the correct manner and with the right equipment ensuring the environment is not affected. Waste scrap metal is cumbersome, heavy to lift and difficult to transport. One should also be on the lookout for yards that comply with local and national standards.

In Ellesmere Port, scrap metal yards worth taking into consideration is the well-established family run yard of Murphy Scrap Metals. They have a well-earned reputation for excellent customer courtesy over the past 5 decades of being in business. Their yard is well equipped with all the necessary machines to handle all sizes of scrap. They have a very efficient de-pollution centre which takes care of any contamination related to the waste. Car scrapping is also undertaken by them and they will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction cleared by the DVLA to prove legally that your vehicle is no longer in your hands and that you are no longer responsible for any further licensing fees. As part of their extensive services they will, by prior arrangement, fetch your scrap for no charge, in fact, they will pay you for your scrap.

For dependable scrap metal yards in Ellesmere Port look no further than Murphy Scrap Metals. Over the years, they have gained experience in just about any situation concerning the safe and clean removal of scrap metal. All it takes is a phone call to arrange for a once off pick up or to make an enquiry about their extensive range of skips for storage for regular waste removal. For more information about scrap metal yards, contact Murphy Scrap Metals.