Scrap Car Dealer in Birkenhead

Scrap Car Dealer in Birkenhead When you need garage space for your new car, call a scrap car dealer in Birkenhead to get rid of the old one. Most companies provide free collection services and will haul that old piece of metal out of your way. Make sure that you get a Certificate of Destruction so that you are no longer liable for the vehicle. You can claim back any road tax which may be left on the vehicle. Having an old car around can get to be an eye-sore, especially if it is sitting outside in your back yard.

In Birkenhead, a scrap car dealer is easy to find, just call Murphy Scrap Metals. They will come and pick up your vehicle and take it to their authorised depollution center for dismantling. It will be taken apart and any harmful waste is disposed of in an environmentally appropriate way. Materials that can be recycled will be. They have a crushing facility and a 2×50 Tonne Weighbridge. They have an onsite skip service available as well. Murphy’s also takes steel scrap and ferrous metal scrap too. The company has been in the scrap business for over 50 years. They are a family run business and provide an honest reliable service. Why not call them  and schedule a time for them to stop by and pick up your scrap car or metal.

As a scrap car dealer in Birkenhead, they are conscious about the environment and follow all regulations when disposing of cars and other metal. Much of Murphy’s business is through word of mouth, so you know they provide a high quality service. If you need the services of a scrap car dealer, contact Murphy Scrap Metals.