Scrap Yard Prices in Meols

scrap yard prices in MeolsCall Murphy Scrap Metals for scrap yard prices in Meols when you need to scrap your vehicle or would like to sell scrap metal. This company focuses on meeting the needs of their customers, big and small, old and new, and you are assured of excellent service when dealing with Murphy Scrap Metals.

In Meols, scrap yard prices vary but you can be assured of first-rate prices and outstanding service from Murphy Scrap Metals. Murphy Scrap Metals buys ferrous scrap including scrap iron and scrap steel. It can come from anywhere: car engines, lorry engines, wrought iron, construction scrap, shearing, light iron, and other sources of ferrous scrap. All of it is received at Murphy Scrap Metals. With a fleet of vehicles capable of collecting any size of scrap metal, Murphy Scrap Metals can collect any load at a time that suits you. Whether it is a once off collection, or required on a regular basis, Murphy Scrap Metals will provide a prompt and friendly service. This service is also free!

Apart from offering excellent scrap yard prices in Meols, Murphy Scrap Metals also offers a car scrapping service. Have you ever considered what happens to a vehicle at the end of of its life? At Murphy Scrap Metals the scrapping of vehicles is done in the right way. Once the vehicle to be scrapped has been collected, Murphy Scrap Metals takes it to their authorised depollution centre. Here it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. It is taken apart and any parts that can be recycled are recovered. If any parts can be re-used, these are removed. The depollution centre ensures that any harmful waste is disposed of in a way that takes the environment into account. Once the vehicle as been destroyed you receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) which certifies that the vehicle is no longer on the road. You can claim back any remaining road tax left on the vehicle, and you are assured that this vehicle is properly de-registered. For all your scrap metal and end of life vehicle needs, Murphy Scrap Metals is there for you. To find out more about scrap yard prices, contact Murphy Scrap Metals.