Scrap Metal Dealers in West Kirby

scrap metal dealers in West KirbyAre you looking for scrap metal dealers in West Kirby? When you require the services of a company to dispose of your scrap metal it would be a godsend if you knew that it was being disposed of in a way that is favourable to the environment. Just under half of the world’s steel is produced from recycled scrap. Benefits include the reduced need for the mining of raw materials such as coal and limestone. Energy and many resources are saved as less effort is needed to produce the steel and less pollution is created during the process. There are legalities involved with disposing of certain scrap and a reputable merchant is a necessity if you want to carry out your business without reprisal.

Murphy Scrap Dealers in West Kirby, a scrap metal dealer, run as a family concern is well equipped to dispose of all your waste metals and end of life vehicles. They have de-pollution equipment ensuring any toxic liquids or materials in your scrap are disposed of in the correct fashion. They can see to the proper de-registration of your end of life vehicle with the DVLA. On completion of disposal, they will issue you with a CoD certificate clearing you of further responsibility of the vehicle along with a certificate stating that your vehicle was disposed of using the correct legal methods. To further ease the stress of dealing with waste issues, Murphy Scrap Dealers have a pickup service that is free of charge and they can supply skips in a wide range of capacities any of which can be positioned virtually anywhere on a site.

Murphy Scrap Dealers are scrap metal dealers in West Kirby. They have been in business for over 5 decades and are well respected in the industry. Their premises are fully equipped to process all types of ferrous scrap metal. They have a crushing installation and weigh bridges and an on-site skip service to dump your own scrap in 6 days a week. You should give them a call to ask their advice or to arrange for your end of life vehicle to be picked up. For reputable scrap metal dealers, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers.