Non Ferrous Metals in Ellesmere

non ferrous metals in EllesmereNon ferrous metals in Ellesmere are recycled to be reused. Scrap metal is divided into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The non ferrous metals don’t contain iron and are sources from end of life products such as cars, old fridges and stoves. Scrap metal certainly has a monetary value and Murphy Scrap Dealers offer good prices for their popular car scrapping service in Birkenhead. Their fully licensed depolution centre professionally deals with end of life vehicles, for which they offer a free collection service.

In Ellesmere, non ferrous metals in loads of every size and weight are collected. Murphy Scrap Dealers have crushing facilities where everything is handled in an environmentally friendly manner. When you consider that they have been in this business for more than 50 years, you get an idea of the professionalism of this family run business. They take pride in their solid reputation and are always looking at ways to improve on it even further.

Finding the right scrap metal services provider in Ellesmere is worth it because they offer a cash payment for a vehicle which you could never use again and which is of little value to you. When your vehicle has been disposed of you are given a certificate of destruction and you can claim back outstanding road tax on your destroyed car. It certainly pays to find the right scrap metal services in Ellesmere. You know your non ferrous metal isn’t going to pollute the environment and you have some worthwhile cash in your pocket. Murphy Scrap Dealers are buyers of ferrous scrap metals including scrap iron and steel and are an established, well-recognised name in the UK. Their scrap yards and depolution center simply offer customer satisfaction because of their excellent services and competitive pricing. For more information regarding non ferrous metals, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers.