Scrap Metal Recycling In West Kirby

Scrap Metal Recycling In West KirbyIf you are searching for a way to rid yourself of your old car, then scrap metal recycling in West Kirby is the way to go.We are scrap metal dealers and offer a car scrapping service at our de-pollution centre. For over 50 years our family-run business has been established in the scrap metal industry and we take ferrous metal scrap and steel scrap and our de-pollution centre deals with end of life cars in an environmentally friendly manner. Our services include a free collection service, crushing facilities¬†and fully licensed yard with de-pollution equipment, any size skips delivered to any place, 2×50 tonne weighbridge and an onsite skip service available. We have built an enviable reputation for outstanding service delivery and we constantly strive to maintain and improve on our reputation.

In West Kirby, scrap metal recycling is an environmental incentive which has become a necessary aspect in the industry. Around 45 percent of the globe’s steel production comes from recycled metal along with 40 percent of copper and a third of the globe’s aluminium of which is rapidly increasing. Significantly less energy is required for recycling scrap metal as opposed to using virgin ore to manufacturing new metals of which saves around 60 percent less energy. Recycling metal preserves the infinite resources as metal can be reused and recycled indefinitely. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2500lbs of iron ore, 120lbs of limestone and 1400lbs of coal. Recycling lessens greenhouse gas emissions and can cut these gas emissions by around 300 to 500 million tons.

Scrap metal recycling in West Kirby generates 97 percent less mining waste and uses 40percent less water. Recycling has numerous benefits for the economy with regards to employment and the metal recycle industry’s process produces ten times more employment and revenue in a country. Whatever scrap metal you have, any size and any load we will collect it as a once off collection or regular service free of charge. At Murphy Scrap Metals, we are committed to providing our new and existing customers with the best service possible. Contact Murphy Scrap Metals for more information about our scrap metal recycling service.