Scrap Metal Buyers in Leasowe

Scrap Metal Buyers in LeasoweAre you looking for scrap metal buyers in Leasowe?If you are, then do not worry as Murphy Scrap Dealers are here for you. Many of us have old engines, scrap metal, and broken pieces of steel taking up valuable space in the garage. While they can easily be disposed of into the garbage, old cars and scrap metals should be safely disposed at specialised collection centers that deal with scrap metal. Many of these places offer to collect the scrap metal or old vehicle from your home, at a time convenient for you.

In Leasowe, scrap metal buyers of note are Murphy Scrap Metals, offering great scrap metal deals. This company specialises in disposing of ferrous scrap metal. Apart from scrap iron and steel, they also deal with car scrapping and end-of-life vehicles. This is done at their de-pollution center in Birkenhead. If you are unable to transport your old vehicle yourself, you needn’t worry,  as they offer a free pick-up service. All vehicles are picked up and taken and put through their de-pollution equipment located on their fully licensed yard. They also have crushing facilities, 2, 50 tonne weighbridges, and an onsite skip service. Don’t let the scrap metal lie about taking up valuable space, Murphy Scrap Metal will buy it from you.

Scrap metal buyers in Leasowe are waiting for your call. Murphy Scrap Metals are a first rate scrap metal company.  They are a family-run business that has been in the scrap metal industry for more than fifty years. They pick up ferrous and steel metal scrap and take it to their de-pollution center, which enables them to deal with old vehicles in a manner that is safe for the environment. Apart from end-of-life cars, they also deal with scrap steel and iron, ferrous metals such as from light iron, car engines, marine engines, iron cast, construction scrap, cylinder cast, heavy machinery, and wharf borings.  If you are interested in finding scrap metal buyers, contact Murphy Scrap Metals.