Scrap Metal Recycling in Wirral

Scrap Metal Recycling in WirralConsider sending your old vehicle to scrap metal recycling in Wirral that offers a car scrapping service and deals with life end vehicles at their depollution centre.Murphy Scrap Metals is a scrap metal specialist that has been well established for over fifty years which makes them recognised leaders in the industry. When dealing with Murphy Scrap Metals you can expect a service second to none as they deal with all types of ferrous scrap metal using a safe and environmentally friendly process. This friendly family run company offers various services associated with scrap metal and in particular specialises in vehicle scrapping at their depollution centre.

In Wirral, scrap metal recycling includes free collection, crushing facilities and onsite skip service. They boast a licensed depollution centre and a 2 x 50 tonne weighbridge. When a car is brought into their facilities it is broken down for steel scrap and ferrous metal in an eco friendly manner. One of the best options you have when your car is worn down is sending it to a scrap metal dealer such as Murphy Scrap Metals. The company has earned a reputation for providing their customers with an efficient outstanding service that prevents the release of harmful gases and toxins into the atmosphere which is exactly what takes place when an old car is left standing and begins breaking down.

As opposed to allowing your old vehicle to just stand, scrap metal recycling in Wirral will pay you for your old vehicle. Recycled scrap metal is used for finished products such as structural steel and appliances which not only benefits the environment but also the economy. Studies have shown that recycling scrap metal contributes billions to a country’s gross domestic product as well as creates job opportunities. Recycling scrap metal has huge benefits for consumers and businesses as well. Recycled metal is used to produce new products from TV’s to smartphones and is used in many unexpected places. For any scrap metal, scrap cars and any other scrap metal recycling, contact Murphy Scrap Metals.