Scrap Metal Buyers in Birkenhead

Scrap Metal Buyers in BirkenheadToday is the day you make that call to scrap metal buyers in Birkenhead!You have made the decision to scrap your old hobby car. It has been taking up space in your garage for five years waiting for you to rebuild it. It seemed like a good idea the day you paid to have it towed to your house. Who knew life would get so busy? When you call Murphy Scrap Metals, they will pay you for the privilege of hauling the car to their yard and they will dispose of all parts according to government standards for recycling. With one call to Murphy Scrap Metals, you will have extra money in your pocket and a clean garage. With just a little work, you will now have room in your garage for that pool table up for sale.

In Birkenhead, scrap metal buyers know the demand for recycled metals is great. The greater the demand the higher the price they are willing to pay for metals you bring in. Murphy Scrap Metals is a well respected company that deals honestly with their customers. When cleaning out basements, barns and garages, all manner of scrap metal is found. It is a great way to make money on products and materials you no longer need. You are encouraged to bring in large or small amounts of scrap metal. The employees are friendly and it is easy to do business with them.

Murphy Scrap Metals employees are fair scrap metal buyers in Birkenhead. Prices fluctuate with the metal market, so call ahead to check for daily prices. Murphy Scrap Metals welcomes your business and is happy to guide you in understanding differences in the value of various metals. They will help you save time and effort by explaining those metals they can and cannot accept. They also offer a free pick up service for not only vehicles but also any large amounts or items of scrap metal. Contact Murphy Scrap Metals for a scrap metal buyer you can trust.