Efficient and Reliable Scrap Metal Recycling in Birkenhead

Scrap Metal Recycling in BirkenheadDo you have a vehicle that is at the end of its life and should be bound for scrap metal recycling in Birkenhead? Sending old and worn down vehicles to a scrap yard is one of the best options a car owner has; otherwise the vehicle will simply sit in your garage occupying valuable space. With time, this vehicle will begin to break down even further and release harmful toxins and gases into the atmosphere. Sending your vehicle to scrap metal recycling is the best choice because it undergoes depollution processes before being scrapped down and broken up for parts. It will also help you pocket some money which is better than having the vehicle just sit there. Where can you find a scrap metal dealer?

In Birkenhead,  a well established scrap metal recycling service is found at Murphy Scrap Metals. They are a family run company based on family values with over fifty years of industry experience. The company offers various services associated with scrap metal. They specialise in car scrapping and know how to deal with end-of-life cars at their depollution center. Some of the services offered at Murphy Scrap Metals include free collection, crushing facilities, on site skip services, a 2 by 50 tonne weighbridge and a completely licensed depollution center. After a vehicle is brought in to their facilities, it is sent to their depollution center. There, old vehicles are dealt with in an environmentally safe manner and then broken down for ferrous metal and steel scrap.

If you have a vehicle that is at the end of its life, then perhaps it’s time to consider sending it to scrap metal recycling in Birkenhead. Murphy Scrap Metals has a reputation for providing efficient and outstanding services to their customers and they will surely provide you with the same. This in turn has helped them garner recommendations from existing customers which has brought in new clients. For your convenience, they can also arrange a collection of your vehicle. For any scrap metal recycling, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers.