Scrap Metal Buyers in West Kirby

Scrap Metal Buyers in West KirbyAre you looking for scrap metal buyers in West Kirby? Selling scrap metal that is lying around your workplace can get rid of unsightly junk and bring in a little bit of extra money. With today’s economic environment, every little bit helps. A company that will buy your scrap metal is Murphy Scrap Dealers. They run an environmentally friendly vehicle scrapping service at their de-pollution centre that deals with end of life vehicles, ferrous metal and steel scrap. They will purchase all types of scrap metal that include wrought iron, grey cast iron, marine engines, ferrous metal such as lorry engines and construction scrap. They are fully licensed and have de-pollution equipment on site.

In West Kirby, some scrap metal buyers also offer pick up services and skip hire. Murphy Scrap will collect the scrap metal from your workplace, or site of choice, as well as any end of life vehicles. They offer top prices for your unwanted scrap and will effectively deal with it in the most economical and environmentally friendly way. You are welcome to use their services regularly as you require, or on a one time basis.

Offering fair cash prices, outstanding scrap metal buyers in West Kirby are Murphy Scrap Dealers. The company has been in the scrap metal industry for over 50 years, delivering excellent services to their clients. They also issue a de-pollution certificate on request to verify a car has been scrapped in an environmentally lawful manner. Selling scrap metal is beneficial, not only to you, but also to the environment as it can then be recycled. This will help reduce both air and water pollution. The company takes pride in acting responsibly socially and towards the environment. If you have scrap metal lying around and would like to dispose of it, contact Murphy Scrap Dealers for more on scrap metal buyers.