Scrap Yard Prices in West Kirby

Scrap Yard Prices in West Kirby Looking for the best scrap yard prices in West Kirby? Our company has been in the scrap metal industry for over 50 years. We at Murphy Scrap Dealers run an environmentally friendly vehicle scrapping service at our de-pollution centre that deals with end of life vehicles, ferrous metal and steel scrap. We take pride in the foundation that has been built on delivering outstanding services to our clients. We have a constant stream of new business that comes from the recommendations of happy existing customers, which clearly reveals our outstanding skills and customer care. In addition we pay the best cash prices for all scrap metal.

Our West Kirby scrap yard prices are higher than other dealers, we provide a free collection service and are always on the look out for old vehicles for recycling. We are interested in all types of scrap metal that include wrought iron, grey cast iron, marine engines, ferrous metal such as lorry engines, cylinder cast, shearing, and construction scrap. We are fully licensed and carry de-pollution equipment on site. When a vehicle is scrapped, parts that can be re-used are removed and materials that can be recycled are done in an eco friendly manner. Vehicle owners receive a CoD to verify the vehicle is scrapped and they are no longer responsible for the vehicle, which allows one to claim back any road tax available.

In addition to the best scrap yard prices in West Kirby, we also issue a de-pollution certificate on request to verify a car has been scrapped in an environmentally lawful manner. Scrap metal is beneficial to the environment as it can be recycled which in turn reduces air pollution, saves on raw materials, saves energy, reduces water pollution and usage and reduces mining waste. Our company acts responsibly socially and towards the environment. We are totally committed to providing an outstanding service to both new and existing customers. If you have a vehicle for scrap, call Murphy Scrap Dealers today and we will collect your vehicle and offer you a good price.