Scrap Metal Merchants in New Brighton Comply With Green Initiatives

Metal Merchants in BrightonScrap metal merchants in Brighton, like Murphy Scrap Dealers, can get rid of your unwanted car in accordance with the End of Life Vehicle Directive. With about 9 million tonnes of ELV waste in the EU alone, the environmentally sound disposal of cars is essential to the future of society as a whole. Provisions for the removal, reuse, and recycling of useful and hazardous components helps in reducing waste and preventing pollutants from ending up in landfills. The directive advocates using reclaimed parts in the manufacture of new cars. It also stresses the benefits of offering used parts for resale.

In New Brighton, scrap metal merchants like Murphy Scrap Dealers know the appropriate collection methods for pollutants, to protect the environment. What becomes scrap metal to be crushed or shredded is an empty shell of the car it once was. Even plastic fittings can have a new life as replacement auto parts. It is quite interesting to see how much of your old car can be rejuvenated in the parts market. Dismantling a car and recovering contaminants is work that should only be undertaken by experts in a certified facility. By minimising waste, we reduce our carbon footprint and make the world a little bit better for future generations. In a time in history when everything seems to be disposable, we are starting to understand the repercussions of allowing waste to destroy our landscape and foul our air and water. Recycling is no longer a buzzword, but a way of life.

Scrap metal merchants in New Brighton are doing their part to improve the “green” aspect of future vehicles. By contributing to the reduction of hazardous waste, and by increasing the reuse of auto parts and recycling of plastic components, they are enabling auto manufacturers to use fewer resources in production. Did you know that airbags have to be removed carefully because they contain a toxic propellant, and a car battery contains acid and heavy metals? Dispose of your car the right way. Obey the law and save the planet! Get help from Murphy Scrap Metals.