Metal Scrapping Service Wallasey

Metal Scrapping Service WallaseyI confess to being ignorant about metal scrapping service in Wallasey until I needed to dispose of the shell of an old parts car that was left behind when the last kid moved out. I began my search using the phone book and then asked around about how to get rid of this junk car. Murphy Scrap Dealers name came up often so I called them. It turns out they have been in business for 50 years. A family owns the business. Sometimes you just do not know what is available until you need it and have to go looking for it. It is easy to understand why everybody else knew about them.

Another thing I did not know regarding Wallasey metal scrapping service is they care about the environment. You would not think the two went together but with Murphy Scrap Dealers, they do. They have an authorised depollution center. They take the car there, strip all parts that can contaminate the environment and dispose of them safely. Then they recycle or reuse the rest of the parts. I will receive a Certificate of Destruction indicating that the vehicle is not on the road. Murphy Scrap Dealers towed the old car out to their facility free of charge. I had put off scrapping that car for so long and Murphy Scrap Dealers made it so easy.

The metal scrapping service in Wallasey, Murphy Scrap Dealers, does not just take old cars. They will take all heavy machinery and engines from cars and boats. All scrap iron and steel. They have a skip on site at their facility you can drop scrap metal into or you can have a skip delivered to your location. When it is full, Murphy Scrap will haul it away free of charge. You can arrange for a one-time pick up of scrap metal or have Murphy Scrap Dealers pick up on a regular schedule from your facility. Again, pick up is free. Their yard is fully licensed. It is also fitted out with the depollution equipment and a crushing machine. This family owned local business is a credit to the community providing a much-needed service.