Metal Scrapping Service in New Brighton

Metal Scrapping Service in New BrightonAre you looking for a company that offers metal scrapping service in New Brighton? A vehicle that cost a lot more to maintain than its actual worth can now make you money when you choose to scrap it.  The price of metal has risen over recent times, a metal scrapping service will offer you money for your car if you give them a call – it does not matter if the car drives or not. Why allow a useless car to take up space in the garage when you can get rid of it and earn some money in the process.  There are good incentives for scrapping your car legally; this means that a lot of the car’s parts will get recycled. Glass, plastic, car stereos and other stuff can be recycled. Every hazardous liquid such as brake fluids, oil and coolants are taken out of the car and placed into containers to be disposed of legally or recycled.

In New Brighton, metal scrapping service is provided by Murphy Scrap Metals. The process of scrapping your car is made easy, simply fill out the request form and the rest is just as easy. The process of scrapping your vehicles starts with taking your car to Murphy Scrap Metals’ de-pollution centre. Then, your car is dismantled and all harmful waste is responsibly disposed of. You will be glad to know that the recyclable materials are effectively recycled and the parts that are reusable are taken out of the car and reused.  You will also be glad to know that Murphy Scrap Metals will pay top price on scrap metals.

Choose a metal scrapping service in New Brighton that you can trust with the safe disposal of harmful materials in your car. Upon dismantling your car in an environmentally safe and responsible way, Murphy Scrap Metals will issue you a COD (Certificate of Destruction). This document proves that your car was responsibly scrapped. You can also request for a depollution certificate if you have plans of claiming back any road tax left on your vehicle.  Murphy Scrap Metals can help.